Evaluation Criteria Guidelines

The criteria assessment is based on four main pillars/thematic areas: 

  1. Climate-related integration into overall strategy, governance and engagement practices
  2. Climate risk exposure assessment and risk management
  3. Alignment and contribution to the Paris Agreement Goals
  4. Climate-related communication plan to clients and beneficiaries 

The pillars are based on key reporting requirements from international reporting standards and frameworks, including the TCFD, but are not specifically aligned to any individual framework in order to reflect the breadth of international reporting requirements.   

The scoring methodology will respect the different nature and business activities of each financial institution type, in view of the myriad of assets, type of management and business units. In this sense, some sub-criteria will apply more strongly to certain financial institution types. 

The ambitious nature of part of the criteria aims to drive best practice as well as capture progress during following editions of the awards.   

The judging criteria underwent a period of public consultation from 17 April to 15 May 2019 and the final version is available below.