Frequently Asked Questions

We've collated FAQs from potential candidates below - please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information at !

Can we apply under only one or two pillars?

As a general rule, applications will be considered incomplete if they do not address all of the pillars. However, we understand that certain pillars may not be applicable to all institutions. In these cases, candidates can apply under only the relevant pillars, and can explain why certain criteria/pillars are not applicable in the application form (Excel file). 

The jury will take into consideration the “overall level of disclosure,” i.e. when it is relevant and applicable.

Can we complete the application form (Excel file) in French?

Yes, English and French are both accepted, for the supporting documents and/or for the Excel file. (We would love to cover more languages, but unfortunately we lack the in-house capacity to do so).

What do we need to make the shortlist? Are there thresholds per pillar?

There is no minimum threshold defined a priori: it will depend on the applications received for each pillar, the current best practices on the market, as well as variations among the pillars. 

Of course, a certain level of quality will be required, but the exact threshold is a flexible standard that is intended to capture progression in the quality of disclosures moving forward. That being said, while we do not expect any applicants to achieve a 100% score for all of the elements during the first year, this should certainly evolve during the following editions.

How did you select the jury members?

Each Steering Committee member presented a shortlist of candidates who were well-qualified to carry out the work, i.e. with a background in relevant sectors (e.g. reporting, financial institutions and/or environment/climate), demonstrated experience and engagement. Subsequently, the Steering Committee voted to reduce the preliminary list of candidates from 35 to 20, and CGDD and ADEME invited them to participate as jury members.   

How do you ensure the Jury’s independence?

First, all jury members are expected to sign an agreement to prevent conflict of interests and an honesty statement, which would force them to recuse themselves in case of any obvious conflicts.

Second, given the size of the jury (20 members) and the “one voice-one vote” approach, any potential bias by an individual member is diluted.