Application Process

  1. Applicants should prepare and submit the application file (see details below).
  2. Applications will be received from June 17 onwards.
  3. Entry deadline: Wednesday, July 31 2019, at 11:59 p.m. (CET).
  4. Applicants should provide the report and supporting documents in one of the following formats: .pdf. or .doc., and in one of the following languages: English or French.
  5. Entries will be assessed against the judging criteria which was circulated for consultation in April-May 2019, and available at: 
  6. Only the names of the Awards’ winners and the nominees’ shortlist will be published. The full nomination database will not be made public. 
  7. Only information included in the application form and dossier will be evaluated.
  8. The dossier should be sent by email to:

Application File 

The application file shall include at least the following items:

  • The institution’s completed Applicant’s Information Form, available for download below. Please follow the instructions in the excel file. Each box in the "Pillars" sheets corresponds to one criterion, as defined in the evaluation criteria guidelines available at:
  • The institution’s annual report;
  • Where appropriate, the responsible investment report and/or the sustainability report (or equivalent);
  • Where appropriate, a separate report on climate-related strategies including its scope, methods used for assessing climate-risk and opportunities, and climate metrics integrated into their investing and lending activities;
  • Where appropriate, the CSR report, and/or the sustainable development report (or equivalent);
  • Any other relevant information.


The Form is available in English but information is accepted both in English or French.

(INSERT NAME) Applicant's Information_Form_2019 (xlsx)